Natural Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

People suffering from piles are always on the look-out for home remedies for hemorrhoids because aside from being costly, visits to the doctor can sometimes be embarrassing. But aside from the usual self-medication, there is a different type of hemorrhoids remedy that is natural and completely safe for use in such a delicate medical condition. They can be grown in your backyard which can give you a lot of savings in treating your piles.

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Why they’re better than traditional medicines

Hemorrhoids are very sensitive and a little irritation can cause great damage which means more pain and discomfort for you. True, ointments and creams like hydrocortisone work well in minimizing the symptoms of piles but they can also damage other areas of your body if used in excess.

Using natural alternatives eliminates the risk of getting side effects plus you also get other benefits aside from its healing properties. Plants from different parts of the world are being processed and developed for medicinal purposes and so it makes sense to use them in their natural state as home treatments for hemorrhoids.

Plants for hemorrhoids remedy

There are three kinds of plants proven to contain substances that can aid in relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoids as well as help in healing them. They are the following:

-          Aloe Vera. Known for having wound healing properties, this plant also exhibits the ability to soften stool consistency when taken orally in juice form. There are two ways of using this as hemorrhoids relief. One, it can be used fresh and applied on the anus – the gel like substance acts like a cream that has astringent properties to help heal damaged tissues and also relieves pain as it is soothed by its coolness. Second, it can be turned into a juice drink either in liquid or powder form. Aside from the healing properties, Aloe Vera also offers other health benefits like improving your digestive tract functions.

-          Bilberry is also recognized as one of home remedies for hemorrhoids because it contains anthocyanosides. Apparently, these components aid in strengthening capillary walls inside blood vessels which is what hemorrhoids actually are; swollen veins.

-          Butcher’s broom contain ruscogenins which are ingredients used in treating hemorrhoids and varicose veins. They have the ability to reduce inflammation inside blood vessels and they also aid in strengthening weak veins and capillaries. This plant is effective when taken orally making it a potent remedy for hemorrhoids.

Natural alternatives for hemorrhoids are a great way to treat piles and its symptoms. They are cheaper than regular medication and they offer no side effects. In addition, they also give other health benefits which make them a good choice for company in your long and hard struggle on the way to recovery.

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What Causes Hemorrhoids – Why Do They Occur?

Hemorrhoids, scientifically, are veins in the rectum and anus that get swollen for a number of reasons. But for many people who experience having them, they represent a nightmare that doesn’t stop when they wake up in the morning. They bring them to work and pretty much all places they go to every day which is not only annoying but can also be very painful and unnerving. It’s for this reason many scientists are tasked to find out what causes hemorrhoids and find a solution for them.

Causes of hemorrhoids

Swelling and inflammation are the body’s natural reaction to infection and over-accumulation of substances like blood or any other type of body fluids. Piles formation is an example of this. The following are the piles causes:

-          Too much strain during bowel movement. The rectum and anus are composed of muscle tissues that contract and relax to help facilitate excretion of solid waste from the body. This process is done by channeling blood to and fro these tissues. Normally, the body can sense how much pressure it takes to spill out stool thus the term “nature’s call”. But things can go awry when we consume food stuff that hardens the consistency of our stool. As a result of this, the process of bowel movement is slowed down forcing us to compensate by exerting more pressure on the rectum and anus. Muscle tissues are designed to withstand strain up to a certain level but when this is done on a regular basis, tissue walls eventually collapse trapping blood inside resulting in hemorrhoid formation.

-          Besides bowel movement one of the causes is prolonged sitting puts the same level of stress and pressure on rectal muscles. This is why majority of individuals who suffer from piles belong to office workers who stay seated in their cubicles for long hours.

-          Lifting heavy objects ranks high in the list of the causes. This action puts a lot of strain on the lower back muscles and the legs which can involve the rectum and anus as well. Factory and industrial workers are prone to piles because of this.

-          Pregnancy can cause hemorrhoids in women as the baby’s weight puts a lot of strain in the pelvis area which also affects the muscles of the rectum and anus. It’s also aggravated during labor as they push hard to give birth.

-          Vices like smoking and drinking are often linked to hemorrhoids because the active substances found in cigarettes and alcoholic drinks greatly affects blood circulation. They also weaken tissue linings which make it easier for nerve endings to rupture at the slightest pressure.

People should learn and understand about the causes in order to avoid getting them.  There are several options for treatment easily available but nothing works as effective as preventing hemorrhoids from forming in the first place.

Hemorrhoids No More Review


I’ve had many unpleasant experiences in my life but none so far is more terrible than the time I had piles. I chose to work in an office environment because I thought it was the safest place for a geek like me but apparently things do go wrong even with such a confined life. I can’t help but cringe just thinking about that episode when I was not only in pain but was “the butt of jokes” from my officemates (this was actually one of them). Good thing I found Hemorrhoids No More.

About Hemorrhoids No More

It’s a liquid formula for topical application on hemorrhoids or piles. It’s made up of essential oils geranium, cypress, and niaouli. Geranium oil is very good for healing and repairing skin wounds as well as in stopping hemorrhage. Cypress oil acts as astringent and also has the ability to contract blood vessels which is essential to reducing swelling. Niaouli contains pain relieving properties which is important for hemorrhoid relief.  The product is truly an all natural treatment.

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Does it Work?

Prior to being introduced to this form of medication for my piles, I tried a number of creams and ointments but all of them failed to do what I was looking for – shrink my hemorrhoids and not just give me relief for the pain and the itch. The product gave me that promise and boy did it deliver. After two days of using it, I felt my piles and they began to shrink. It also wasn’t as tender as before and the itching was gone. One of my co-workers also got piles and he sent me an email (you guessed it he was one of them jokers!) asking what I did and told him all about it.

Benefits of Using Hemorrhoids No More

After I got rid of my piles, I was worried that they would eventually come back since I was still sitting in front of my computer for the same number of hours every day – I had no choice, it was my job. Fortunately, this medicine wasn’t only for treating piles but it also contained preventive properties that stopped hemorrhoids recurrence. It’s why up to this day I still dab a few drops twice a week just to keep me safe from that horrible experience again. It’s organic so you don’t have to worry about side effects.

The Downside

People allergic to perfumes should consult a doctor first before trying Hemorrhoids No More. It’s because Geranium oil contains allergens lethal to those who have allergies. It’s also basically an oil solution so expect to feel some greasiness down there especially if you use a drop too many.

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Many people wonder why there are so many kinds of hemorrhoid treatments and medications out there that one I know even said it’s like there’s an outbreak of piles. The question makes sense especially if you’re like me who has had the misfortune of experiencing hemorrhoids first-hand; the answer? It’s because there are actually very few among these medicines that live up to their claims like Neo Healar hemorrhoid treatment does.

Neo Healar - hemorrhoid treatment that works

There are many herbal medicines out there that claim all sorts of healing properties for piles or hemorrhoids. There are pills, fluids, oils, and all sorts of creams and ointments. I’ve tried all of them and while some did give me a bit of relief, none of them worked consistently enough to merit my attention for long. That is until I stumbled upon this ointment.

Among the many creams and ointments I’ve tried (and I’ve used a lot), this is by far the only one giving me the relief I desperately crave. It’s no miracle drug but I can confidently say it works as advertised. I did a little checking on the ingredients they used and I found out these important bits:

-          Lupinus Albus is an essential oil 10,000 times more potent than Vitamin E and 5,000 stronger than Vitamin C. Its main function is to help the body produce enzymes that repair skin damage and aid in recovery for hemorrhoids.

-          the product contains Aloe Vera and Peppermint which are effective plant extracts that help in wound healing and gives relief for pain and itchiness that plague all piles patients out there.

Knowing these things kept me from worrying what I was applying on my piles – there’s so much crap in advertising these days that if you’re not careful you might end up buying stuff that can endanger your life!

What I liked about the treatment is it takes effect almost immediately. While it took me more than 2 weeks to fully recover from the nightmare that was my piles, I instantly felt its potency after applying the ointment. I can still imagine the great soothing feeling I got – it was like finally being able to scratch an itchy part of my body after days on end of waiting for the chance to do so.

Being completely natural also allowed me to experiment on the dosage of its application. I couldn’t do this with chemical based creams for fear of inflaming my butt. I would definitely recommend this to people who don’t mind applying substances on their bottoms. However, first time users should read the labels first if they have allergies to the plant extracts used in Neo Healar hemorrhoid treatment.

H Hemorrhoid Miracle Reviews


It’s very tough to find medicinal products these days that perform according to how they’re advertised. This is especially true when it comes to medical conditions that require immediate relief like hemorrhoids or more commonly known as piles. Many of the treatments available in the market fall short of what they promise because either they’re trying to hide inefficiency with marketing jargon or they’re lying right in the face of consumers like me who are desperate to cling on to the promise of cure. It’s why I love how the Hemorrhoid Miracle treatment system works.

This product is the best natural treatment I’ve tried simply because I got the results I was hoping and expecting for. I have been jumping from one treatment to another because although I got some level of relief from all the products I tried, they were eating a lot out of my meager salary and so I needed to find a permanent solution or at least one that would last for a long time.

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Is it a Scam?

I’ve heard and read a lot about this many times and as a user I really don’t understand why people would say it is a sham. It works as claimed by Holly Hayden and since I got rid of my piles all I can say is try it before you say otherwise.

What exactly is H Miracle?

This is not a medicinal product like creams, ointments, pills or oils. It is a system that guides users on what to eat, what to use on hemorrhoids, how to exercise to prevent constipation, and everything else that an individual suffering from piles should know about getting rid of them.


At first I really thought it was something I could pop into my mouth or apply directly on my hemorrhoids. But when I got a copy of the manual and read all about what was making my life miserable, I got a clear view of why I have piles and what I can do to get rid of it.

I followed the instructions to the letter and my hemorrhoids began to shrink in as little as fifteen hours. If that’s not effective then I don’t see the point of trying something far less superior. What I really loved about this system is that the items listed that I could use to make a remedy are easily available in the supermarket. And the instructions were clear and concise so I didn’t have to second guess or experiment on my own.

If you’re looking for a magic drug to cure your piles, I’ll be the first one to tell you it doesn’t exist or at least not yet. The Hemorrhoid Miracle system is the best treatment out there right now. Try it and you can thank me later.

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Hemorrhoid Removal Methods That Work

Things can easily go out of hand when you have piles and you don’t do anything to try and remedy the situation. Complications can arise and before you know it, you’re on the list of candidates for hemorrhoid removal which shouldn’t come to it if you know what to do when you’re beset with hemorrhoids.

Why the need for hemroid removal

If you haven’t experience having piles then you’re lucky to avoid the nagging pains and irritating itch that people who suffer from them are so familiar with. At the very least, you will experience some inconvenience when it starts to act up while you’re working; prompting you to go to the bathroom more times than you normally do in a day. But having the worst of it will make you want to rip out your bowels right there and then which is why some patients opt to have surgery; it can get so nasty that you’d probably beg your doctor to do it quickly.

Oftentimes, hemorrhoid cases are mild and can easily be treated at home with natural remedies. But there are situations when patients aggravate their conditions and complicate what is otherwise controllable. Here are things that can prompt immediate removal:

-          Thrombosed hemorrhoids. This happens as a result of blood clotting inside piles formation. It’s more painful than hemorrhoids itself and can lead to complications like gangrene and infection.

-          Prolapsed internal hemorrhoids. Internal piles usually don’t get attention until they begin to prolapse or move outside during bowel movement. In not so severe cases, they usually go back inside on their own but when it’s bloated and inflamed, it tends to remain stuck externally which can be very painful and can also cause profuse bleeding. When this happens, removal is usually recommended.

-          When hemorrhoids become so engorged and enlarged that it starts to block your bowels and give you a hard time excreting wastes. This rarely happens since piles are treated right upon onset but there have been extreme cases recorded.

Ways of hemorrhoid removal

Surgery is often considered the last resort for hemorrhoids but when the situation warrants it here are ways to remove piles:

-          Manual excision is the most affordable surgical option but it also offers a lot of risks. Cutting off hemorrhoids doesn’t guarantee that it won’t grow back again.

-          Laser cauterization. By sealing off the nerve endings of hemorrhoids, bleeding can be stopped and the inflammation curbed well enough to begin the healing process.

-          Rubber band ligation is a procedure preferred against internal piles. By tying an elastic band in the affected area, blood circulation is stopped and kills the hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid removal is an extreme recourse but a necessary one if the situation calls for it. Controlling its growth may seem difficult at times and surgery is the only solution.

The Natural Pill for Piles-Avatrol


Hemorrhoids, according to experts and doctors, are more common in humans than we might think. They say it’s because they are actually part of our body- swollen veins concentrated along the anus and rectum. But regardless if it’s natural or not, the fact remains that it’s such a terrible condition to have; painful, itchy, and oftentimes can be disconcerting because of the bleeding. Fortunately, there’s Avatrol that can be taken to help treat piles.

What makes it an effective pill against hemorrhoids

This remedy is considered an alternative type of medication for the relief of hemorrhoids. It’s because it seeks to replace traditional chemical based medicines used to treat piles. What is good about the makers of this product is that each component of the supplement contains substances that control the different symptoms of hemorrhoids. And what is even better is that all of them are natural and so users don’t have to worry about side effects. Here’s a quick rundown of the blend of plant extracts that make it such a potent formula:

-          Bioflavonoids from citrus extracts. There are no findings yet about the exact amount of flavonoids that can have beneficial effects on the human body but it’s been agreed by experts that you can’t have enough of a good thing – they are present in most fruits and vegetables which make them essential nutrients. Citrus bioflavonoids help in blood circulation and strengthening tissues which is what is often lacking in hemorrhoid sufferers.

-          It contains horse chest nut extracts which is renowned to cure circulation problems associated with varicose veins.

-          Oat straw is good for lowering cholesterol levels which when up, cause blockages that force blood pressure to rise. Formation of piles is often credited to high pressure in anal and rectal veins.

-          Bilberry is good for rebuilding connective tissue which is essential for healing damaged hemorrhoids.

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Effects of Avatrol

It works at relieving the symptoms that make hemorrhoids a curse. While this is nothing new for hemorrhoids medications, it’s one of the few that can back up its claims. It also helps to know that it’s an all-natural blend that has no side effects so one can take it without worrying about getting dizzy or lightheaded. However, since this contains plant extracts, people with allergies should be careful when using them.


Supplements like Avatrol are good for people who are willing to change bad habits like eating healthier and staying away from vices like drinking and smoking. They are also suitable for those who don’t like applying messy creams and ointments on themselves or drinking fluids. Oral supplements are easier to take wherever you want to go without worrying about finding a private place to apply hemorrhoid medication.

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Hemorrhoid Banding – How To Do It

Before you consider having surgery to remove your hemorrhoids, you should know there’s another less costly way to get rid of them plus it won’t take too long to recover from this procedure – it’s called hemorrhoid banding.

Surgery as last recourse

As annoying and uncomfortable hemorrhoids are, the percentage of people who go under the knife to have them removed is surprisingly lower than what is expected. The main reason for this is the explosion of herbal and all natural hemorrhoid treatments that’s been proven to be safer and even more effective than traditional medicines. Surgery is also viewed as a last recourse by most doctors who prefer to exhaust all available means in treating hemorrhoids because operation requires more time to heal from which defeats the purpose of getting rid of piles that plague a big percentage of today’s work force. It’s why they prefer to do the banding instead.

What is this banding procedure?

It’s a process of eliminating hemorrhoid formations by tying an elastic band on the affected area to cut off blood and oxygen supply effectively “killing” that part. The dead area soon falls off like scabs from healed wounds and what remains is the healthy part of the veins making the procedure a suitable alternative to surgery in piles removal.

Is it a permanent solution to remove piles?

With some adjustments to lifestyle habits it can prevent recurrence of hemorrhoids just like what surgery does. But unlike permanently cutting off the veins that are prone to piles, this procedure only removes the parts that give the most trouble and there is still the likelihood of them coming back if patients are not careful about straining themselves again.

Is hemorrhoid banding procedure painless?

No. It’s a painful procedure which is why doctors need to apply local anesthesia when doing it. For multiple hemorrhoids general anesthesia is often applied. When the cut off part falls off, bleeding may be experienced with some amount of pain that can be relieved by taking pain killers. But despite this downside, it still takes lesser time to recover from as compared to surgery.

Things to consider before getting one

Like surgery, there are certain things that can weigh in on the decision to undergo piles banding. If you have hemorrhoids but is not swollen enough to cause obstruction then there’s no reason to do this or undergo any form of removal. With a little help from medication you will be fine. If you’re experiencing multiple hemorrhoids and you’re life is starting to become miserable because of it, then by all means have it done. But take note that hemorrhoid banding will only work up to a certain number of times and when you still continue to have formations it’s a clear sign you will need surgery.

Does Hem Relief Approach Work?


Hemorrhoids, also known as piles is derived from the Latin word pila which means a ball, due to the round shape of this painful mass that protrudes in the anus. In the human anatomy, the rectum is last section of the large intestine, which ends in the ring shaped anus.

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in and around the anus or lower rectum. Piles are very similar to varicose veins in the legs. It is hard to move the bowel when your lower rectum is swelling and under pressure. Piles may occur inside the rectum (internal) or under the skin around the anus (external).

In most cases, the symptoms of hemorrhoids will only last a few days. Not everyone with piles will experience all the symptoms at once. Its common symptoms are usually itching, rectal pain and bleeding, anal fissures and irritation. External hemorrhoids are painful and of its symptoms are having anal abscesses or a hard lump around the anus. Internal hemorrhoids are usually not painful unless they become thrombosed. One of common symptoms is having a bright red blood covering the stool. In time, piles may protrude through the anus.

There are many factors that may lead to the formation of haemorrhoids like irregular bowel habits (constipation or diarrhea), exercise, nutrition (low-fiber diet), increased intra-abdominal pressure (prolonged straining), pregnancy (pressure from the fetus on the abdomen and hormonal changes cause the hemorrhoidal vessels to enlarge), obesity to name a few.

Many natural supplements are available that promise relief from the symptoms of haemorrhoids. One of these is Hem-Relief, a hemorrhoid treatment that claims to treat the condition of hemorrhoids from the problem at its source. This remedy is in the form of capsules that contain a proprietary formula of all natural ingredients said to treat the damaged vascular tissue of both external and internal haemorrhoids and get rid of all the symptoms. Hem relief's three ingredients, witch hazel leaf, horse chestnut leaf and ginger root, are designed to work together to help relieve the symptoms of piles.

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Hem Relief may give an immediate relief; but all natural supplements may not be a permanent cure for hemorrhoids. Piles can return even if taking supplements especially if the changes encountered don't fit your diet and lifestyle.

It is effective for 48-72 hours. It stops the pain, swelling, bleeding and other piles symptoms however, this may depend on severity of the symptoms. Some users may need additional days to feel the improvements. Based on product label, each herbal medicine per ingredient appears to have more milligrams as compared to other hemorrhoid products. It is safe and is manufactured in an FDA registered facility.

Hem relief, though, has some disadvantages. To achieve the desired results, one must take 3 or 4 capsules 3 times daily and some people do not like taking too many capsules in the course of one day. It may take several days longer to ease the pain. The product must be taken moderately. Ginger may increase bleeding. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women for long term use. Some people may experience gastrointestinal distress when taking horse chestnut. Witch hazel may cause stomach pain. Be cautious not to take the supplements in combination with drugs or herbs containing alkaloids, as it may interfere with absorption.

Hemorrhoids usually are not dangerous as it can be treated by effective remedies and can be prevented in most cases. Medical treatment of piles initially is aimed at relieving symptoms. To reduce some symptoms, at home you may try by sitting in a warm tub or having a warm bath, place ice packs (to help reduce swelling) at the anal area several times daily and usage of a hemorrhoidal cream. Increasing fiber and fluids in the diet will help make softer stool.

Once symptoms occur, pay a visit to a licensed doctor to diagnose it and apply proper medical assistance.

Hem Relief may be a cure to hemorrhoids, but it is always best to consult your physician before taking any supplements and medications.

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The Whole Process Of Healing Hemorrhoids

There’s a big difference between healing hemorrhoids and treating the various symptoms that accompany it; reasons why it’s such an uncomfortable medical condition. A lot of people often mistake these treatments as a way to cure hemorrhoids which can lead them to believe there are quick fixes that totally eradicate piles. Unfortunately, they are just part of the whole recovery process for people who suffer from hemorrhoids.

Healing and treating piles

There are two phases of treatment for piles being used today. The first one is medication to address the symptoms that make hemorrhoids so awful to have. Pain and itchiness, among many others, are primary concerns. Second, when symptoms have subsided medicines are available that can aid the body in repairing the damage done by massive swelling of anal and rectal veins. This is the part of your hemorrhoids treatment regimen.

Healing doesn’t depend entirely on medication as opposed to relieving symptoms. Aside from taking curative formulas, individuals who have hemorrhoids are also advised to change some lifestyle habits. Correcting diet and adding more fiber to it is usually the first step. Then regular exercise is promoted to help blood circulation. Finally, stopping bad vices like smoking and drinking alcohol will not only make medications more effective but it can also help strengthen muscle walls of veins and other blood vessels. Truly, curing hemorrhoids requires a holistic approach.

Factors that help heal hemorrhoids

Experts agree that it is possible to relieve hemorrhoids without the use of medicines. But since piles do come with irritating and worrisome symptoms like itchiness, pain, and bleeding people tend to seek medications to treat them.

Once symptoms are alleviated, the healing process can begin and it usually involves the following factors:

-          Hemorrhoids formation is often caused by too much strain on the venal muscles along the rectum and anus. Therefore in order to facilitate healing of your hemorrhoids, doctors often advise to cut down on activities that force that area to work strenuously like lifting heavy objects and sitting for long periods of time.

-          Vices like smoking and drinking alcohol contributes to weakening of capillary walls in veins thus making blood vessels prone to rupture at even the slightest increase in blood pressure. Taking natural hemorrhoids formulas that aid in healing is considered useless if patients don’t give up these unhealthy habits.

-          Proper blood circulation is the key to helping remedy hemorrhoids. If blood can’t freely flow around the body, it requires the heart to pump faster and increase pressure which is what causes piles to form. It’s why it’s necessary for patients to exercise often.

Relieving hemorrhoids requires discipline besides taking supplements and applying naturally blended formulas or home remedies. Without adjusting habits, attempts at recovery will always be a long shot.

People often perceive hemorrhoids as an ugly mass hanging out of their bottoms but what many of them don’t realize is that it can occur internally, unseen and untouchable. This is the main reason why it’s much more difficult to find internal hemorrhoids treatment compared to external piles.

Internal piles and external hemorrhoids – the difference

Location is the most obvious difference between internal and external piles; the first develops inside the anus area while the latter grow from the outside. It’s also easier to detect external hemorrhoids compared to internal ones which also affect how individuals suffering from it take medication to cure their condition.

How medicines are applied also vary with each type of hemorrhoids. Internal piles are treated using suppositories and oral formulas while external hemroids allow the use of creams and ointments. This makes internal hemorrhoids cure more delicate and should be administered more carefully.

Symptoms of an internal hemorrhoid

Internal piles may occur undetected through physical examination but they do exhibit unmistakable symptoms commonly associated with hemorrhoids. These are the following:

-          Bleeding or presence of blood in stools during bowel movement. While this is a good indication of needing treatment, a careful and thorough examination by a doctor should be done to rule out any other source of internal hemorrhage.

-          Itchiness in the anus area. For most adults this can be a tell tale sign of internal hemorrhoids but for children and some individuals other possible source of itch can be bacterial or parasitical.

-          Thorough physical examination of the anus will reveal small lumps which can mean internal hemorrhoids have prolapsed or have been pushed out during bowel movement or any activity that may have put undue strain on rectal veins.

-          Uneasy feeling of bowels being full despite recent bowel movement. This can mean that this type of piles have grown in size enough to obstruct the rectum which the body senses as stool.

-          Presence of mucus in stool. The body reacts with abnormal internal formations and it secretes substances like mucus. While it doesn’t cause any harm at all, it can cause skin irritation and is often the cause of itchiness when it’s not cleaned properly and allowed to dry.

-          Difficulty in bowel movement. With passageways blocked by hemorrhoids, individuals are forced to strain even more just to push out their stool. This is a bit of ironic since piles formations are often caused by too much straining. This makes the treatment for this type of hemorrhoid all the more important.

The treatment is very similar with external piles; taking hemorrhoids formulas like H Miracle and Venapro aids in curing symptoms and repairing damaged tissues. A fiber-rich diet and exercise can also help in the treatment of this piles which means a lifestyle change is in order to aid in recovery.

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