People with hemorrhoids know that the condition is more embarrassing than it is painful although some level of discomfort often goes along with it especially for external piles. It’s why getting help in finding its treatment is very important to properly address all the problems it poses to individuals who suffer this condition.

All about External Hemorrhoids

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There are two types of hemorrhoids that plague a big number of the population; internal and external. Between the two, external ones are often a cause for concern for people who suffer from them. Internal hemorrhoids are less likely to get irritated because they are not exposed which is the reason why people would do anything to find treatment; they are more prone to get infected and bleed which can even be more worrisome.

External ones occur just outside the rectum and anal area. Depending on how big the swelling is, an external hemorrhoid can be painful and itchy or just plain uncomfortable. For this reason, treatment focuses on reducing the size of the swollen veins and other symptoms like itchiness and redness.

Several factors contribute to the formation of piles externally. When pressure is continuously applied on the blood vessels that surround the rectum both inside and outside they get filled with blood until they swell which basically forms hemorrhoids. This can be caused by over exertion in lifting heavy objects, sitting for long durations, and in cases involving women during child birth and even pregnancy. Its treatment works to stop the inflammation of veins and to slowly reduce its size.

Ways to Treat External Piles

Applying over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams like hydrocortisone is a quick fix especially for those individuals who are embarrassed to seek proper medical help. Anti-inflammatory drugs can help ease the swelling and the pain it brings but they are usually temporary.

Taking laxatives and stool softening pills is another way to relieve the discomfort brought about by bowel movement to protruding hemorrhoids. It also helps to increase fiber intake and adjust eating habits to accommodate healthy food. Constipation is one big factor that necessitates the use of more force and pressure to eliminate body wastes.

One of the most promising methods of treatment recently discovered by many hemorrhoid sufferers is using Venapro Hemorrhoid Relief Formula. It’s based on the Homeophatic Medicine principle which follows the “like-cures-like” formula for treating diseases. It’s basically the same one observed in vaccination; use disease causing pathogens to stop their kin from invading the body.

The Venapro  utilizes the same approach as its ingredients each have a specific task in eliminating the symptoms that make hemorrhoids such an awful medical condition. By doing this, it helps the body respond to the swelling more effectively thus reducing the risks of side effects and other cellular and tissue damage.

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