Plies, or most commonly known as hemorrhoids are simply swollen veins in the rectum that causes severe discomfort. Severe cases include bleeding when passing stool or a bulge outside the anus. In a recent study, almost three-quarters of people in the United States will have hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. People at risk are pregnant women and adults between 45-65 years old. Some would immediately resort to costly medicines but little did we know that a natural cure for hemorrhoids can be easily found in our everyday meal.

Natural Cures for Hemorrhoids

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As we know it, natural remedies have been proven to be effective and safe with little to no side effects. Fiber, which is found in whole grain and vegetables have showed beneficial effects in relieving hemorrhoid symptoms. Powdered fiber supplement or Psyllium is another option. It is readily available and is relatively more affordable compared to antibiotics that doctors prescribe. Bear in mind that even in using a natural cure we also need to know the correct dosage. Taking Psyllium is easy; just mix a teaspoon of the husks in a glass of water and you’re good to go. For pregnant women, doctors usually suggest drinking prune juice since taking medicines is a big no due to the side effects that it may cause to the fetus. Prune juice is actually not a cure for hemorrhoids but it actually softens the stool to lessen hemorrhoid pains.

When to seek for help

Natural treatment also has its boundaries. These remedies are only limited to mild symptoms and not advised if the patient is already experiencing severe bleeding and pain during bowel movement. At this point, it will be best to contact your health provider so that they can evaluate the situation. As much as we would want to use it, we need to know our condition before we decide to self medicate.

Being hemorrhoid free for a lifetime

I’m sure that anyone who experienced hemorrhoid pain would want to prevent it from happening again. Prevention is better than cure, but it also doesn’t hurt to know a couple of organic relief. Just remember to eat the right kind of food and answer the “bowel call” once it strikes. Do research on the web for newly discovered natural cures available in the market. If you’re all set to try something natural, double check it with your doctor to make sure of its safety and overall effectiveness. Last but not the least, knowing how a natural cure for hemorrhoids works is beneficial but making sure that your body is in proper shape is the key to keep those nasty hemorrhoids away for good.

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